I am more than my body, I am more than my mind, I am more than my actions and what I do, I am more than my words, LOVE dwells within ME... When I remember this LOVE is here, I have hope. When I realise this LOVE is true, vast and eternal, I can find PEACE. Hope exists for each and every one of us! 

Registered Nurse 1987, Child and Family Health Nurse 2001

IYS Energy Healer 2007 - Master Therapist 2010

Reflexologist - Advanced Certificate 1995; The Journey - Therapists Training 2006;

Crystal Dreaming Therapist; Reiki - 2005

Current Working With Children Check

ABN: 27521212158


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I find the well-being meditation is very essential in our daily life which is usually quite busy. It is a good reminder to connect deeply to our body. It is very basic, but very profound. Well-being meditation time is the moment with my authentic self, which brings peace and inner sights. Virtue cards give me the opportunity to reflect on myself deeper and deeper. Namaste! ❤️

Yaqin from Canada 6/5/21


Few teachers combine the  skills, wisdom ,patience and compassion that Bhadrakali has to offer.

Her well-being meditations and consults combine intelligence, heart and an ability to tune into what people need just at the time when they need it. W - Sydney 4/2/21

I can't speak highly enough of the wellbeing meditations. It has helped me navigate life's ups and downs. I always feel lighter and freeer after doing one. Ben Sharp - Cooranbong 31/1/21

Siddhi Shakti - 19/6/2019

Bhadrakali has amazing intuitive insight, compassion and skill as a healer. She has been a generous and wonderful support on my personal journey and I am deeply grateful. 


Haidi - Sydney

"I first came to see Bhadra Kali eight years ago when, as a new mother, I was struggling with my 11-month-old daughter.  That first healing session with Bhadra Kali was, in a word, miraculous.  I came out of that session feeling as though a huge burden had been lifted from my shoulders and replaced with a spark of Divine Connection.  Her insight, compassion and wisdom helped transform my life and gave me not only the awareness and tools to embark on my own spiritual journey, but the courage to do so too.  Each healing session I've had with Bhadra Kali since that first one has been exceptional - she has the most awesome ability to pinpoint exactly what I need each time.  She is absolutely spot-on!  I feel so blessed to have known Bhadra Kali for the last eight years and to have experienced her wonderful healing energy in many healing sessions in that time.  On behalf of my family, and myself, I cannot thank her enough!"  Haidi

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Acknowledgement of Country- We acknowledge the traditional custodians of Australia, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, our First Nations People & pay our respect to elders past present and emerging. We acknowledge & honour the Stolen Generations & the pain caused to families & the healing that continues. 
This business has a global client base & so wishes to acknowledge all elders & people of the land in which we live & work, may healing, respect & unity continue to grow, and bring us to a place of Peace.