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Hi everyone, welcome to my website, I hope you find it helpful. There are many ways to look at health & wellbeing, one thing most of us can agree on is that having support to live a healthier & happier life makes things a lot easier. Every person will have preferences & things that work for 1 person may not work for another. When I consider this type of energy healing I seriously feel everyone can benefit in one way or another. Here we look at the energy we carry within and around us, we clean things up & learn about empowerment & living our best lives. 

Energy healing, meditation, relationship support & having spiritual guidance has been one of the biggest game changers in my life. I have moved from dark depression to finding real solutions, healing what I thought was mine to keep forever & helping others in a profound & holistic way. I simply love this work & truly hope you find some answers, healing & harmony for you & your family. As a registered nurse & child & family health nurse I feel this is the biggest leap forward in healthcare since we 1st learned about hand washing & 'germ theory'. Learning to energetically clean up our energy fields, relationships & environment is seriously the next step. 



Registered Nurse 1987, Child and Family Health Nurse 2001

IYS Energy Healer 2007 - Master Therapist 2010

Certificate IV in Nutrition - Health & Wellness Coach 2023

Reflexologist - Advanced Certificate 1995; The Journey - Therapists Training 2006;

Crystal Dreaming Therapist; Reiki - 2005

Current Working With Children Check

ABN: 27521212158


Your heart knows the way, run in that direction



Pregnancy Yoga




Bhadra Kali played a primary role in keeping our identical twin babies alive during our high risk pregnancy. At 16 weeks our obstetrician told us that our smallest twin, Arya, had zero chance of survival due to a medical condition which had no cure and no option for medical intervention. We were told we would need to terminate her if we wanted to have a chance of our bigger twin, Gaia, surviving. Being identical twins they were connected to the same placenta and blood flow so if Arya died it would cause Gaia to die or at the very least cause her brain damage.

Because of our faith we could not give up on our baby Arya so we refused to terminate her and sought a second opinion from a professor of foetal medicine who agreed there was very little chance of Arya’s survival but he was willing to support us in holding out for a miracle.

He told us that we would aim to get our twins to 25 weeks and a birth weight of 500g. As there was no medical treatment for Arya’s condition all we could do from a medical perspective is go to hospital every week to check if they were still alive and measure their growth. We were told we had no control over when or if Arya would die so all our obstetrician could do is monitor her.

Faced with no option for medical treatment or intervention we turned to Bhadra Kali to support us and our babies with twice weekly energy healing for the remainder of our pregnancy. Not only did Bhadra Kali’s energy healing support Arya’s growth and kept our babies safe she also helped us as the parents remain calm in the traumatic precarious situation we found ourselves in. 

With Bhadra Kali’s help we managed to keep our twins alive up to 32 weeks when our obstetrician scheduled our c-section. Even having got our babies to this stage we were warned by our doctors that they would still have a high chance of being born with cerebral palsy, blindness, deafness and autism. 

Thanks to Bhadra Kali’s incredible healing skills and connection to the Divine our babies were born safely and healthy. They spent over 5 weeks in NICU and Special Care at hospital while their lungs developed and Bhadra Kali continued to support us during that time. Arya was born 20 percent smaller than her sister and measured under the 3rd percentile but she was alive. 

When our twins were born our obstetrician told us that there was no medical reason Arya should be alive and described our twins as her miracle babies. Our twins are now two years old and have no medical or developmental issues. They are now both measuring over the 99th percentile and their cognitive development is advanced. 

We could not have gone through this traumatic pregnancy without Bhadra Kali’s support and we truly believe Bhadra Kali played a fundamental part in us being blessed with the miracle of keeping our babies alive. We are forever grateful to Bhadra Kali and highly recommend her.

Katie & Scotty - Sydney, Australia 16/4/23
















With each healing with Bhadra Kali I have felt relaxed, held and nurtured allowing deep transformational healing to take place. My whole family has benefited immensely from these healings. 
I find Bhadra Kali to be kind, gentle, generous and considerate with a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and always Divinely connected in love and compassion.
Bhadra Kali has guided and inspired me to be more confident and to own my power.
Truly grateful 
Debbie Winner Chhinnamasta ❤️ - 18/4/23

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Acknowledgement of Country- We acknowledge the traditional custodians of Australia, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, our First Nations People & pay our respects to elders past, present and emerging. We acknowledge & honour the Stolen Generations & the pain caused to families & the healing that continues. 
This business has a global client base & so wishes to acknowledge all elders & people of the land in which we live & work, may healing, respect & unity continue to grow, and bring us to a place of Peace.  
 We acknowledge that not all families are blood related and not all families look the same and we acknowledge, respect and accept that just because a person appears to be male or female that they may not identify as such and that the struggle for acceptance must start with us accepting ourselves 1st, accepting and respecting family, each other and then work together for equal rights, safety, health, inclusion, compassion and peace.  


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