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Registered Nurse since 1987

Child and Family Health Nurse since 2001

IYS Energy Healer

- Master Therapist in Shanti Mission since 2010

Reflexologist - Advanced Certificate 1995; The Journey - Therapists Training 2006;

Crystal Dreaming Therapist; Reiki - 2005

Current Working With Children Check

ABN: 27521212158

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Siddhi Shakti - 19/6/2019

Bhadrakali has amazing intuitive insight, compassion and skill as a healer. She has been a generous and wonderful support on my personal journey and I am deeply grateful.

Haidi Sydney

"I first came to see Bhadra Kali eight years ago when, as a new mother, I was struggling with my 11-month-old daughter.  That first healing session with Bhadra Kali was, in a word, miraculous.  I came out of that session feeling as though a huge burden had been lifted from my shoulders and replaced with a spark of Divine Connection.  Her insight, compassion and wisdom helped transform my life and gave me not only the awareness and tools to embark on my own spiritual journey, but the courage to do so too.  Each healing session I've had with Bhadra Kali since that first one has been exceptional - she has the most awesome ability to pinpoint exactly what I need each time.  She is absolutely spot-on!  I feel so blessed to have known Bhadra Kali for the last eight years and to have experienced her wonderful healing energy in many healing sessions in that time.  On behalf of my family, and myself, I cannot thank her enough!"  Haidi

Hari Devi Sydney

"I had a healing with Bhadrakali when my dear Mother-in-Law left her body.  We had been very close and I was in deep pain and grief at her death.  Bhadrakali was able to convey messages both to and from my loved one, words that could only have come from her.  This gave me tremendous peace knowing that she was  in a good place of healing and was at Peace."  

Clare and Matthew 

"My husband and I and our two children had the most beautiful and rewarding experience for our very first session with Bhadra Kali.  Our children are calm, settled and have come into themselves. They are the children they are supposed to be.  The anger aggression and anxiety has gone and it has only been 2 days since our session.  Bhadra Kali also gave us some parenting tools and advice to help our children get the most out of their bodies and help them feel whole within themselves. It is so beautiful and rewarding to see the results. We can't wait for our next session. Thankyou!"


"My son had been exhibiting  nausea and anxiety in suddenly increasing frequency for approximately one year.  We went to our GP and had a blood test to look for glandular or other problems that can bring on nausea.  In between our first GP visit and the second to get the results we had a session with Bhadrakali ( I must say here that the session went way over, it was obvious Bhadrakali was giving her all to help my son).  Using her empathic skills Bhadrakali identified  very quickly that my son was chronically dehydrated, something that I am sure would of been overlooked by anyone else (and in fact had been as our GP hadn't mentioned it!).  She was also able to see that my son didn't have an anchoring sense of safety and security, perhaps due to an accident when he was four.  I am very pleased to say that after getting my son onto a strict daily water regime,  my son's nausea subsided within one week to barely   there, and in combination with psychologist sessions he is freeing himself of fear and has an underlying sense that everything will be okay.  I will be forever grateful for Bhadrakali and her ability to heal others. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I would like to take this opportunity to say too, it is obvious you are a clear channel for divine guidance and you are fully present for the client during a healing.  I shall be recommending you to others who are open to energetic healings. Thanks again." 

Hari Devi

"Bhadrakali was in attendance at the birth of my Son.  The Support that she provided was incredible and unwavering.  Her gently and peaceful presence was greatly reassuring and helpful, as were the many hours of reflexology and energy work that she performed on me both during and after the birth.  The end result - a very peaceful, joyful birthing experience, and healthy, happy baby and Mum." 

Katie Melbourne - online healing

"Hi Bhadrakali, it was wonderful to meet you today - what a brilliant healing.  I am so grateful for your intuitive insights and healing support, I feel so much better already.... Much love and blessings to you."




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