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Spiritual Birth Attendant


"Bhadrakali is a Godsend to the Birthing Mother" Hari Devi

Bhadrakali combines her training as a Registered Nurse, Child and Family Health Nurse, Reflexologist and her mastery as an Ignite Your Spirit Therapist to support the birthing mother, baby and partner or support team. 

Reflexology, or manipulation of pressure points within the feet and body, has long been utilised to comfort the birthing mother and assist her body to open during the birthing process. 

Ignite Your Spirit Therapy is a potent healing modality that supports the mind, body and energy field of the birthing mother, bringing and sustaining peace, serenity, surrender, comfort and wellbeing.

Bhadrakali offers her service as a non-medical, Spiritual Birth Attendant. This role is primarily focussed on supporting the mother and baby and does not include giving advice, speaking on behalf of or making decisions for the birth parents.


Would You Like Support?

In Person:

Bhadrakali will join you at the birthing place and support the Mother through Reflexology and Ignite Your Spirit Therapy and assistance to establish breastfeeding if this is wanted. 

She will also ensure the etheric hygiene of the space and anchor streams of supportive and peaceful energy. 

We work with the parents to support the body, mind and spirit through this life changing journey. 

This is an intensive support role that makes a tangible difference on the birthing experience for the mother 

Please contact Bhadrakali to discuss further. 

You are encouraged to have regular healing throughout the pregnancy to best prepare for the birth.   


Remote Support:

In this role Bhadrakali will offer IYS therapy remotely whilst maintaining text and/or phone communication with the mother, other parent or support person. 


Please contact Bhadrakali to discuss further.


You are strongly encouraged to have regular healing throughout the pregnancy to best prepare for the birth. 


FEE: By heartfelt donation

Some people are confused about what to offer for this - commonly given $200-300

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