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What is IYS Therapy?

A powerful, non touch healing modality that cleans, energises and

supports us to lead a happier and healthier life. I believe in this type of

energy healing like I believe that we need to wash our hands, our body

and our hair in order to stay well. Some people can get away with not

needing or doing healing and still find happiness, love, peace and good

health. For me this therapy enabled radical change and when I don't

attend to healing on myself regularly I notice a huge change. I believe

that this therapy is for everyone and oneway, hopefully in the not too

distant future, this will be well known and understood. 


We are meant to blaze like the sun with energy, vitality, enthusiasm and

good health. Our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and experiences, not to

mention the stress of families, mortgages, work and deadlines, create

clouds within us that can obscure our brilliance and which can contribute

to ill-health. Ignite Your Spirit Therapy reveals your radiant spirit, disperses

the clouds, and sets us free to be who we really are, shining with an inner

lustre, spark and joy. Even long-term problems can be diminished or

alleviated by the removal of stale old energy held within our physical, mental and energetic subtle bodies.

During this difficult time of COVID-19 healings are available online, if you look for a time that suits & you cannot find anything please don't hesitate to reach out, we will sort something for you. 


Sessions last up to 55 minutes during which time Bhadrakali will intuitively read your energy field, and assess what needs to be addressed in light of what you wish to work on. Healings cover:

  1. physical body, acute or chronic conditions

  2. stress, anxiety or depression

  3. dealing with significant life events including loss, divorce and bereavement

  4. relationship healings

  5. fertility

  6. preparation for pregnancy, pregnancy, birth and postnatal recovery

  7. early childhood issues such as sleep, reflux, colic and behavioural issues

Please contact us if you would like more information. Take care of u! 

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