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Fertility & Preparation for Pregnancy

Conceiving a child is not always as easy as we would like. The longing inside a person

can be so great that nothing else matters and the mind can fixate on this and this

alone. It can take up all of our mental space sometimes destroying what we have in

the hear and now. 

Self care and healthy, happy relationships are a huge key to conception whether that is natural or assisted. We bring these precious souls into the world for a reason and understanding what that reason is inside our own hearts can be a huge breakthrough so that we can proceed and enjoy our journey to becoming a parent, having fun on the way. 









Energy healing can help us clear away unwanted stress and struggle and can also clear energy blockages within us that are stopping us from conceiving. We are more than our bodies, we have a mind (which can drive us nuts at times!), we have wisdom within our cells that are a part of our cells but exist beyond the cell, some people call this our soul, we have an emotional body and we have an energy body. This energy body can malfunction or get sick and just as our physical health can suffer so too a problem can exist in any of these areas and prevent or slow the miracle of conception. 

When we conceive with joy and love in our hearts we give our child a foundation of joy and love, how priceless is that! When this hasn't happened all is not lost and this is the beauty of life beyond form, we can work on issues and clear them, we can awaken joy and love within us and assist our baby through their journey and ours while they are in utero. Awakening to the joy of creation.

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