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Where to start?

One of the fabulous things that I have discovered about this journey towards better health is that we need to start with bite sized, manageable pieces. When we master this it builds confidence and we pick up another piece of the puzzle, eventually we will have enough pieces to start to see some tangible change. 

Another thing I have grown to understand is that if someone tells you they have found the perfect diet for you, run! There is no perfect diet for you that has anything to do with fad diets. You are an individual, you have individual needs, likes and dislikes. There is no perfect cure, this is a journey and it, life, is meant to be enjoyable. 

Over the years I have tried so many different approaches to manage my weight and health and many of these ''cures'' have just made things worse. This program is designed to stop a traumatic, vicious cycle of dieting & regaining weight, for more information use the contact form below. I highly recommend counselling &/or healing to support your journey and remember that support is also available through the following organisations:



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