To many parents and carers the role does not come naturally. It is affected by our own thoughts and beliefs, our emotions and our physical environment. Our children are priceless, precious and we are their guides in the journey of life. Most of us are making it up as we go along and for many kids this is not enough. Kids thrive on routine, boundaries, love, gentleness, understanding, acceptance and happiness. They have needs as do we and as I see it these needs are essential to address when we want a healthy and happy home.

Caring for their bodies, minds and spirits will give them a fabulous start and helps the whole family. Teaching our kids to love, to give and to enjoy life. What a blessing for them, for us and our world!

Some common issues that people have help with are sleep and settling, feeding issues, reflux, crying baby, growth and development, health problems and relationship issues.

I offer appointments for babies and children as well as families. The time spent can vary depending on the issue, generally a child's healing is shorter and  longer appointments may be required for sleep and settling issues. Overnight and day stay appointments are also available in your home and cost can be negotiated if needed. I will never turn a child away because of financial issues.