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Compassion ABC's for parents & kids

Keys to Compassion in everyday life

Family at a Beach
Father and Daughter
Brushing Teeth

This is not quite as easy as learning our ABC's, although I seem to recall it was a challenge and required patience from those around me. Some of my teachers did not have the gift of patience and learning without that guiding light is stressful for everyone. It may not be an easy journey but it is doable and the rewards PRICELESS!   This program requires consistency and commitment to the tools supplied and the aim is to 1st cultivate self compassion and through that you will pass it on or be in a much better place to cope with the world around you. Everyone will benefit. 

As it turns out you cannot rush the creation of such a program, you have to move through the process itself so this is still a work in progress. The journey creating this has been amazing! We will get it to you ASAP. 

In the mean time take care of u! And enjoy your kids!


Stressed Woman
Cooking Lesson
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