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If we Pray we will Believe

If we Believe we will Love

If we Love we will Serve

-Mother Theresa

Welcome! I share my story to offer people the simple and powerful gift of hope. We can open our hearts and grow our heart chakras, and everyone in our lives will benefit.  The truth is that everyone can do that, everyone can grow their energy body, everyone can change and grow.


There are many different ways to experience life. I see myself as a poet, a seer, a mystic. I believe there is more to life than what we experience as the physical world. I believe we can communicate from and through love and that Love that I refer to flows through us all, when we understand this we start to realise that we are all connected. We can change our reality by recognising this. For as long as I can remember I have been aware of the Divine as this driving force in my heart. My mum taught me that within every single person there is a Divine spark of God, a golden spark.  This is the foundation of my spirituality, that we are all Divinely connected. That the Divine is within us and that we are all capable of healing and experiencing love. 

I have been so blessed to study with many great teachers and living masters. They all help me to be a better me, to learn to love and to serve, to heal and to forgive more deeply. I am eternally grateful for these great souls who guide each step into more love than I every imagined possible.

I became very focused on finding a cure for my revolving door depression and consistent anxiety. I studied what is called The Path of Ease & Grace taught by Shakti Durga. Through healing and repairing my energy body, in a short time I knew my depression was going, it was disappearing.  I then received a very profound healing during which a core belief that I had held, that I believed that I was evil at my core, was revealed and healed, it changed my life & cured my depression & completely stopped my suicidal ideation.

In doing so I discovered that I didn’t have to live the way I was living, that the depression wasn’t my truth.  In fact, I had been living my life as a fractured self, and the Divine through these amazing healers had repaired that fractured self. 


A couple of years after finding my spiritual school, Shakti Durga instructed us to begin a daily practice of of a prayer called DURGÄDVÄTRINSHANNÄMAMÄLÄ or more easily the 32 Names of Durga.  As I did the mantra I found I would always make mistakes on two of the words. On this particular day, following a full day of healing in Sydney I drove home singing along to my favourite disco music when I suddenly found myself chanting this prayer.  I thought that it was a bit strange but became very excited as I passed the point where I always made mistakes.  At the 2nd point where I always make an error I started to question what was happening, how was I getting all of this right? Why? How? 

With that I took a deep breath and lifted my head. In shock and disbelief I watched my hands as they continued to steer the car. I was in the fast lane of the freeway, around 20 minutes to the Morisset turnoff. I was travelling 110KM / hour, cars were to my left, in front of me and behind me. The chant itself wasn’t coming out of my mouth but continued to echo throughout my body and mind. I had fallen asleep at the wheel and a force other than my conscious mind had driven the car and spared the lives of everyone on the freeway that night.

I made my way home and went straight to my prayer room and lay on the floor overwhelmed and crying in disbelief. The night was magical, mystical and Divine Love filled every part of me.  I wanted to shout it out to the world but knew that it was too weird and people might think I was loosing the plot. I did know that my life had been saved for a reason and I had work to do. 


My spiritual journey has been filled with amazing mystical experiences and I wouldn't change any of it. I have learned a great deal about myself and discovered ways to live a happier and healthier life. Living with severe depression and striving for a cure lead me to some of the most extraordinary teachers and healers and for me none greater than the healing power of Ignite Your Spirit Therapy and the extraordinary miracles which I experience within and with clients every day. 


Now my journey is about sharing what I have learned about healing and how this can assist families throughout the world lead happier and healthier lives. The work that I do through The ABC's of Compassionate Parenting aims at giving families an opportunity to have greater compassion in all areas of life. 


As each of us do this, as we strengthen our energy body, as we heal and repair all facets of our being, we increase our capacity have deeper compassion within and ultimately to share and spread this compassion in life.

May your own journey be blessed, may you find a truth that makes your heart sing and may the song of your heart be contagious! 

Bhadra Kali Energy Healer
Shakti Durga
Baby Whisperer
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